Arquivo mensal: Outubro 2016

A touch of Halloween

As Halloween is closing by, here is a poem written by the American poet, Jack Prelutsky. I hope it won’t “trouble your sleep”!

The Ghoul
The gruesome ghoul, the grisly ghoul,
without the slightest noise
waits patiently beside the school
to feast on girls and boys

He lunges fiercely though the air
as they com out to play,
and grabs a couple my the hair
and drags them far away.

He cracks their bones and snap their backs
and squeezes out their lungs,
he chew their thumbs like candy snacks
and pulls apart their tongues.

He slices their stomachs and bite their hearts
and tears their flash to shreds,
he swallows their toes like toasted tarts
and gobbles down their heads

Fingers, elbow, hands and knees
and arms and legs and feet-
he eats them with delight and ease,
for every part’s a treat.

And when the gruesome grisly ghoul
has nothing left to chew,
he hurries to another school
and waits. . . perhaps for you.

in Nightmare Poems to Trouble Your Sleep