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Let’s Explore Europe

European-Union_sourceThough living in Portugal, and thus being Portuguese, we are also European. But what does it mean to be European. In fact, how much do we know about Europe? What is Europe about? How did the EU develop? What does it do today? Who governs Europe? What does the European Union mean for our everyday lives?
If you are interested in learning more about European issues, just click on the links below and get ready to travel. After all, “Europe is not somewhere else”. In fact Europe is right here.
Europe is right here: 9-12 years old…
Europe is right here: 12-15 years old…
Europe is right here: 15+ years old…

It’s Halloween Time!

One of the most desired festivities is here again! Black cats, witches, Jack O’Lanterns, bats… potions, cauldrons and magic… trick or treat… you name it.
But really, how  much do you know about this spooky tradition? How did it all start? Why the 31st of October? Why all the supernatural touch?
The following documentary will answer all these questions for you.

PET sample test

Sorry, my dear students, for not posting what I had promised, but I ran into some problems with my computer. Anyway, maybe these exam samples will come in handy.
Remember though, DO NOT WORRY too much about this exam. Take it as a challenge. It will most likely NOT affect your grades, so just have fun.
Test Paper 1
Test Paper 2

Listening Tracks for Test Paper 2

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

Track 5

Track 6

Track 7

Track 8

Track 9

Track 10

Track 11

Preparing your Cambridge Preliminary for Schools Exam

Here are some videos that help you to understand what you will be faced with during your PET Speaking Exam. Watch and relax… It’s not as complicated as you tend to think.

It’s time to start thinking of preparing the exam you will have to do at the beginning of the third term.

To help out here is the PET information for candidates prepared by Cambridge English:
PET Information for Candidates
You might as well check out the following website: Cambridge English


How big is our Solar System?

Here is a fun way to learn a little more about our Solar System… and force us to acknowledge how little and insignificant we are in the larger scale of things.
“(…) This time round you get to pilot a rocket through the Solar System. There’s even more information packed into this graphic: you’ll see how close comets have come to our planet; what is the farthest travelled by a human being; how long the trip will take if you were on the Starship Enterprise… as well as a few surprises too.”
Interactive Infographic of Space by BBC

Every year on March 17, the Irish both in Ireland and across the planet celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It all started as a religious feast day in honour of the patron saint of Ireland, but nowadays it has become an international festival  of Irish culture with music and dancing, history and tales, parades and special foods. Everything tainted GREEN.
Want to know more about Saint Patrick’s day? Just click on the link below.